Nathalie's tango scene

CONTACT: Nathalie Mifsud | | +35679287755
VENUE: Numero Dos, Triq il-Mastrudaxxa, MOSTA (Qasam Industrijali)

REGULAR WEEKLY SCHEDULE Covid 19 restart 8/6/2020. classes must be attended in masks.

MONDAYS: 8.00pm Tecnica for all
THURSDAYS: 8.00pm class for life couples
SATURDAYS: 9pm drinks with table reservations and masks. Tango music, and dancing for life couples.

OTHER DAYS: Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone on 79287755

Jul 2, 2020

Tango night Saturday 4th July

We will be holding a tango night on Saturday 4th.
Tango music
Some socialising
Dancing for couples/partners
Please try to keep some distance
Only 5 couples at a time on the dance floor
All of Numero Dos 200 mts sqr can be used
Entrance 5 euro for couples

Jun 15, 2020

Monday 15th June class cancelled

sorry everyone today s class is cancelled

Jun 2, 2020

Restart after Covid 19 from 8/6/2020

After the shock of Covid 19 we are slowly back with some modification and caution.

May i say that the space is 180 m sqr therefore we are in luxury, however i still can accept only a limited amount of people, so reservation is required. First come first served. Please also do come in masks.

I encourage you to attend Tecnica to work on your balance and posture. I will be giving the class on  Monday 8 pm.

Then all those that in life are couples or have been in close proximity of each other may come for a class on Thursdays 8pm . There will be NO change of partners but if you get tired since as we know dancing with the same person can be challenging, i may shorten the class by a little.
The subject to be studied will be built up slowly and everyone can stop and continue practicing at his/her level until satisfied with the result.

Book for one or a few classes with me on fb or e mail me on

Cost is 10 euro

Drinks will be available.

Mar 6, 2020

Saturday Milonga with DJ Luana

Looking forward to Luana 's music, there is always something new in her selection.
See you at 9 pm at Numero Dos for the Saturday milonga
Bar available, entrance fee is 5 euro
See you tomorrow at Numero Dos

Feb 28, 2020

29th February Saturday Milonga

We have our own DJ Aksel this Saturday
@Numero Dos 21hrs till 0030
Cabaceo system, dress smart casual
Entrance is 5 euro
Any problems, get in touch with me Nathalie 79287755

Feb 21, 2020

22nd February milonga

Lots and lots of guests.
Dj Nathanael
Entrance same as usual 5 euro
See you at 9 pm at Numero dos Saturday
Any queries 79287755
see ya all

Feb 14, 2020

14th Feb milonga

!4th February milonga celebrating Valentine's day and the anniversary of Numero dos
We have dj Angelo Grim Aldi to rock the dance floor today. He is fresh from Buenos Aires.
We meet at 9 pm till about 12.30am
Entrance is 5 euro as usual
From the bar we have a special cocktail for today
Wishing you lots of love

Feb 8, 2020

Milonga 8th February

We meet tonight for milonga
I will be DJing
Bar available
Lifts are sometimes a possibility back to your home with other people, do ask me around 11pm
Entrance 5 euro
Let s dance :)

Feb 3, 2020

New classes at Numero Dos

Apart from my regular Monday Principiantes and Intermedios classes.
Jelena is now giving tecnica classes for posture and balance
Nathanael is starting close hold and connection
With Jelena s classes there is a one euro voucher which you may redeem at the milonga of Numero Dos, and she offers a 2 euro voucher after every 5 classes

Feb 1, 2020

!st February class and milonga

Hey all yes it is the first day of the course today and i am looking forward to meet the new beginners :) This will happen at 7.30pm
9pm MILONGA with DJ Gordon, he is a regular to BA and just back with a lot of enthusiasm. I am sure we will enjoy dancing to his tunes.
We do have a bar for drinks
..and today i am attempting to make Media Lunas which are the Argentine version of a croissant. It is 4.30pm and i am still waiting There was waiting and waiting all day between different stages of the Media luna. I just hope that at the end of all this they are edible if not pretty at least :)
Entrance fee is 5 euro
Milonga will finish around 12.30am
See you all tonight