Nathalie's tango scene

Your contact is Nathalie: | 79287755
Venue: Numero Dos, 2 Triq il-Mastrudaxxa,Qasam Industrijali, MOSTA

If interested please contact Nathalie on 79287755 Nathalie NEW COURSE FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS IS STARTING ON THE 22ND JANUARY details below;


7pm till 8.30pm every Tuesday for 6 weeks

May apply as a single person.

Shoes ;- Ladies, small medium heel with a slippery sole

Gents, soft round toed shoes

Dress;- Whatever you would wear on a Tuesday night

Venue;- Numero Dos 2, Triq il Mastrudaxxa Qasam Industrijali Mosta

Payment;- 60 euro for the whole course to be settled upfront please.

Please let me know that you would be attending by phone 356 79287755 OR email



MONDAYS: 8pm Intermedios/Avanzados (with partner)

TUESDAYS: 7pm Primeros Pasos.
8.30pm Principiantes/Intermedios

SATURDAYS: 9pm MILONGA until 12.30am.
the first milonga of the month has always some extra nuevo/experimental stuff (30%)

OTHER DAYS: Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone her on 79287755

Dec 24, 2009

7th January 2010: Milonga del Sur

Milonga del Sur will be starting the year at the Wine Gardens at Villa Madama this coming Thursday 7th January from 8.30pm onwards. Music will be provided by id-DJ G - for requests email Entrance for dancers is €3, non-dancers free. If you need more info, please email Claudia or call +356-7909-2584

Intermedios Janauary 2010 Cycle

Intermedios classes January 2010 Cycle:

Dates (Rabat)
Tuesday 12th Jan
Tuesday 19th Jan
Tuesday 26th Jan
Tuesday 2nd Feb

Time: 9.00pm (please note that it is not possible for us to change the time of this class since Gordon is not available earlier)


Who may apply: Those who have recently been dancing on a regular basis AND have done Principiantes for at least one cycle, those who have been taking previous intermediate sessions or have done the equivalent in private sessions (if you are not sure if you are of the level to take the course you can ask us, and we will guide you accordingly).

Price: 30 Euros for 4 sessions

How to apply:

* Please apply in pairs.
* Send an email to Claudia indicating your partner's name.
* Bookings can only be accepted in pairs - so make sure you apply with a partner. For this reason we encourage you to come to Milongas & Practicas to exchange contacts in order to find a partner.
* Bookings will be confirmed via email.

Sorry, we are not able to refund missed classes.

Pricipiantes January 2010 Cycle

For those of you that are enjoying the Primeros Pasos and would like to continue, the next level would be Principiantes.

If you still feel very shaky on the elements that you've done in the Primeros, you may repeat the course at half price (€20).The primeros pasos will be held on the same dates as the Principiantes but at 7.30pm. You may also take both classes in parallel so that you continue consolidating the elements of Primeros Pasos, whilst learning new elements.

Monday 11th Jan (Rabat)
Monday 18th Jan (University Common Room)
Monday 25th Jan (Rabat)
Monday 1st Feb (Rabat)
Time: 9.00pm
Price €40 (Senior citizens and full time students 30euros)

Lessons are 1:30 hours long.

To apply, please email Nathalie. It would be ideal if you try to apply in pairs - ask fellow dancers during classes, practicas or milongas, and remember that we will change partners during lessons so it does not necessarily mean that you have to remain with the same partner throughout the lesson.

Primeros Pasos January 2010

Tango Argentino - Primeros Pasos
(introductory course for complete beginners)
taught by Nathalie Mifsud

Argentine tango is a beautiful dance and it has attracted the attention of most major cities in the world. Even here in Malta we have a group of tango enthusiasts who are only too happy to pass on their knowledge of this addictive dance.

Monday 11th Jan (Rabat)
Monday 18th Jan (University Common Room)
Monday 25th Jan (Rabat)
Monday 1st Feb (Rabat)

Lessons start at 7.30pm, and are 1:30hrs long.

Apart from these lessons, we also meet every week for our regular Milonga, and other activities. I will hold a 1 hour assisted practice before the Milonga around the time of your last lesson, specifically for your group.

€40 per person / €30 for full-time students & senior citizens.
€20 for those that would like to repeat the course.

Please confirm your attendance by reply email to stating your full name and mobile number (in case I need to contact you urgently) and all details of any accompanying friends.

Dress - What you want, normally, casual.
Shoes - Followers (usually women) are advised to wear well supported shoes, no flip flops. Leaders (usually men) are advised against wearing long pointed shoes. Gym shoes are fine.

Dance partner No need for a fixed partner, but applying in couples makes life a little easier.

IMPORTANT: Payment can be effected on the first lesson. Please arrive a little earlier. NO refunds will be issued for missed classes.

Gift Vouchers: Please remember that you can always give a Tango course as a gift to a loved one or a dear friend.

If you need, private classes, further information and/or booking contact me on, or call 79287755 / 21456408

Dec 19, 2009

Cecilia Pascual Workshop 2010

Cecilia Pascual is an Argentinian professional dancer and tango teacher. She started her professional life in classical dance, eventually turning to contemporary dance and Argentine Tango. After building her career in South America, since 2000, she started to dance and teach Argentine Tango in France and Switzerland. Cecilia travels regularly to Argentina to reach back to the roots of tango. Cecilia will be in Malta for a workshop from the 4th to the 6th February 2010.


last updated *16 Jan* Extended Early Bird Prices

Workshop A: Back to Basics

Thursday 4th Feb: 19:00 - 20:30
Friday 5th Feb: 19:00 - 20:30
Saturday 6th Feb: 10.00 - 11.30

Workshop B: Figures in Tango

Thursday 4th Feb: 20.45 - 22.15
Friday 5th Feb: 20.45 - 22.15
Saturday 6th Feb: 12.00 - 13.30

Workshop C: Tecnica for Followers
Saturday 6th Feb: 15.00 - 16.30

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary programme and that times or dates might change. We will keep this page updated accordingly.

Milonga will be held on Saturday 6th February


Early Registration (up to 28th Jan)

Workshop A: €50 per person
Workshop B: €50 per person
Workshop C: €10 per person
Workshop A+B: €80 per person
Workshop A+B+C: €85 per person
Workshop A+C: €55 per person
Workshop B+C: €55 per person

Late Registration (29th Jan onwards)
Workshop A: €65 per person
Workshop B: €65 per person
Workshop C: €15 per person
Workshop A+B: €95 per person
Workshop A+B+C: €100 per person
Workshop A+C: €75 per person
Workshop B+C: €75 per person

The registration dates will be strictly adhered to, so please do make your payments early to benefit from early bird prices.



Location: University Common Room

Leader/Follower Balance: In order to ensure maximum benefit from these courses, we will be requesting that you secure a partner in advance. As always, we will be changing partners throughout the lessons.

Booking Policy: Bookings will be accepted upon receipt of payment. No refunds will be given after the 17th Jan. All workshops are limited in places and will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. We retain the right to refuse bookings.

Advice: We encourage those taking primeros pasos and principiantes to take Workshop A and C. For those taking intermedios, as always you can benefit from all workshops since refinement in Tango is a very important aspect of the dance. Those of you who are unsure which workshop/s is best for them can consult with Nathalie or Gordon who will be able to guide you accordingly.

What next: For a preliminary reservation please email Claudia. She will then guide you with regards to payment and booking confirmation.

Dec 4, 2009

19th December 2009: Milonga Phoenicia

Come and enjoy Argentine Tango in Malta at Milonga Phoenicia on Saturday 19th December from 9pm onwards. This will be our last Milonga before new year's, so come and spread some Tango Christmas Cheer! As always, email your music requests to Entrance for dancers is €3, free for non-dancers. If you need more info email Claudia or call +356 7909 2584.

10th December 2009: Milonga del Sur

Milonga del Sur will be going to Vino Lounge at SouthPort Marsaxlokk this coming Thursday 10th December from 8.30pm onwards. Music will be provided by id-DJ G - for requests email Entrance for dancers is €3, non-dancers free. If you need more info, please email Claudia or call +356-7909-2584. Click here for map