Nathalie's tango scene


  • 8.00pm: Intermedios / Avanzados. With partners.

  • 8.00pm: Principiantes / Early Intermedios

  • 8.00pm: Primeros Pasos / Principiantes

  • 9.00pm: Milonga (milongas are held regularly but double-check with the calendar on the right)

Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone on 79287755.

Sep 29, 2008

2nd October 2008: Milonga del Sur

Argentine Tango at Milonga del Sur on Thursday 2ndOctober, at Il-Forn Art Gallery and Wine Bar, Birgu, Malta, from 9.00pm onwards

Sep 27, 2008

Article on Tango

An article on Argentine Tango was published on last week's Independent on Sunday (First Magazine). To all those who might have missed it - it is available here:

Tango Experience by Deborah Marshall-Warren

Many thanks to Deborah for writing the article.

Sep 22, 2008

25th September 2008: Milonga del Sur

Tango Argentino at Milonga del Sur on Thursday 25th September, at Il-Forn Art Gallery and Wine Bar, Birgu, Malta, from 9.00pm onwards

Sep 18, 2008

Friday 19 Septembr: Sea Breeze Milonga

We will be organising a milonga on Friday 19th September at 9pm onwards. Venue: Sea Breeze, Qawra Coast Road, Qawra (Close to the Qawra Palace Hotel, first bungalow, grey in colour).

Sep 16, 2008

Tango Beginners' Course Level 1

Argentine tango is a beautiful dance and it has attracted the attention of most major cities in the world. Even here in little Malta we have a group of tango enthusiasts including Gordon (at present taking a tango boost in Argentina) and myself which will only be too happy to pass on our knowledge of this addictive dance. We are very pleased to see that a nice big group of people have actually inquired for this class.


Class level: Beginner's level 1

Teachers: Nathalie and Gordon

Place: Il-Forn Wine bar , Birgu

Dates: 25th Sep, 2nd Oct, 7th Oct, 30th Oct 2008

Time: 7.30pm sharp till 9pm. (After class, you are invited to practice and socialize with other tango dancers for another 2 hours)

Price: 25 euros per person for the 4 sessions (money collected from our classes,go towards a fund with which we are able to invite foreign teachers to spice up our dancing) Claudia collects the money.

What you want, normally smart casual. Followers are advised to wear leather soled well supported shoes.


If you are interested, please send us an e mail, if possible by the end of the week, stating your full name and mobile number in case we need to contact you urgently. Let us know, if you would like to take the class as a follower or a leader, so that we will try and match equal numbers of followers to leaders. In reality we are at the moment outnumbered by followers, so please do try to get a leader/s with you, and inform us about them (women can lead too). During class we change partners constantly, so everybody gets a chance to participate. If you need further info please contact Nathalie on or 79287755.

Note: Maestro Eric Jurissen will be in Malta giving workshops between the 16th and 19th October 2008. This will be a great opportunity for you to continue polishing up what you have learnt in Beginners Level 1 Course.

Sep 14, 2008

Tango Beginners’ Course Level 2

In preparation for the October 16th to 19th workshops by Maestro Eric Jurissen, we present:

Tango Beginners’ Course Level 2

Course Content: Ocho Cortado, Sanguichito, Giro and finishing off by some polishing and Musicalidad.

Dates: 22nd & 29th September, 6th and 13th October 2008

Time: 8.30pm – 10.00pm

Place: 69 St. Paul's Street Rabat (venue might change if the weather remains this warm)

Price: 30 euros per person per course. 10 euros for those who have already taken the course and wish to repeat it.

Who may apply: All those that have done beginners level 1, or have done some private sessions that covered the basic steps in tango, like walking, outside walk, side step and ochos.

Booking & Queries: Kindly contact Tango Malta: or call 79287755.

Sep 5, 2008

Tango Shoe Polish Workshops

In preparation for the October 16th to 19th workshops by Maestro Eric Jurissen, we present:

Tango Shoe Polish Workshops

* Saturday 13th September 2008 *

Workshop 1. Refining Your Dance
Time: 10:00 to 12:00

This workshop covers the fundamental movements and posture of the dance.

Lunch break 12:00 to 13.30

Workshop 2. Slow Dancing with Embellishments
Time: 13.30 to 15:00

This workshop covers the movements and musicality of lovely Slow Tangos. Together we will also explore some dance embellishments for men and women.

Venue: St James Cavalier, Valletta
Fee: 15 Euro per person
Teachers: Nathalie Mifsud and Aldo Calleja
Dance Experience: All dancers who have attended Argentine Tango classes recently.
For bookings (by 11th September) and queries contact Aldo Calleja:

Sep 2, 2008

4th September 2008: Milonga en la Capital

Tango Argentino at Milonga en la Capital on Thursday 4th September, at Caffè Merisi, South Street, Valletta, from 8.30pm onwards, by Tango Malta. Bring your dancing shoes and your passion and we will make it happen :)