Nathalie's tango scene


  • 8.00pm: Intermedios / Avanzados. With partners.

  • 8.00pm: Principiantes / Early Intermedios

  • 8.00pm: Primeros Pasos / Principiantes

  • 9.00pm: Milonga (milongas are held regularly but double-check with the calendar on the right)

Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone on 79287755.

Aug 29, 2015

milonga 29th august

Milonga tonight with a special Dj Marie Dominique Xerri
This will be our last treat before she leaves off for Paris
Milonga starts at 9pm and finishes at 12.30 am
Milonga fee is 4 euros
Some food will be available if you get hungry and bar

Aug 17, 2015


Friday 21st August 9pm - 12.30 am @ Numero Dos 2 Triq il Mastrudaxxa, Mosta (industrial zone with many garages)

Saturday 22nd August 9pm - 12.30 am @ Numero Dos

Sunday 23rd August 8.30pm - 11.50pm @ Phoenicia Hotel, The Mall, Floriana/Valletta

Monday 24th August 8pm - 11pm The Beach Terrace @ Radisson Blu Golden Sands, Ghajn Tuffieha bay ( Golden Bay ), Limits of Mellieha

Tuesday 25th August 9pm - 12.30 am @ Numero Dos

DJ Marie Dominique Xerri

Note regarding locations

- Numero Dos is located in an industrial area with many garages

- The milonga at the beach : There are two Ghajn Tuffieha beaches next to each other. You have to go to Ghajn tuffieha GOLDEN SANDS, to the Radisson Hotel (Golden Bay). There is only one hotel and you can see it.

- Phoenicia Hotel is situated at the Valletta bus terminus

Milonga fee:
5 milongas pack = 25 euros
1 milonga = 6 euros

Aug 14, 2015

Milonga 15th August cancelled

Sorry everyone there is no milonga this Saturday due to the feast of Santa Maria in Mosta. Traffic will be closed off, no parking etc
See you for the festivalito 21st August

Aug 12, 2015


1- Programme Festivalito / Festivalito Program

Publié par Marie Dominique Xerri

Cours - Milongas / Workshops - Milongas

Adresses / Addresses

Vendredi-samedi-dimanche-mardi (cours et milongas) / Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Tuesday (workshops and milongas)
Boissons et restauration légère au bar pour la milonga / drinks and snacks at the bar during the milonga
Lundi : Rendez-vous à la baie Ghajn Tuffieha / Monday : Meeting at Ghajn Tuffieha
Vendredi / Friday
- 19h30 - 21h / 7:30 PM to 9 PM - Cours avec Marie Dominique et Anne / Workshop withMarie Dominique and Anne
Tango staccato. La dynamique et les contretemps dansés dans le tango staccato / How to use on- and off-beat rhythms and dynamism in staccato tango.
- A partir de 21h - Milonga d'ouverture au Numeros Dos / From 9 PM - Opening milonga atNumero DOS
avec une démo d'impro de Anne et Marie Dominique / with an improvisation performance by Anne and Marie Dominique
Samedi / Saturday
- 11h - 12h30 / 11 AM to 12:30 AM Cours avec Nathalie / Workshop with Nathalie
Travail sur les appuis. Nous travaillerons sans partenaire / FootworkWe will be working without partners.
Être bien, être élégant dans la danse. Le placement de votre pied influence votre équilibre, la connexion avec votre partenaire et donne plus de liberté pour interpréter la musique.
Look well Feel well -The way you place your feet will influence your balance, the connection with your partner and it will give you more freedom to interpret music.
- A partir de 21h Milonga au Numero Dos / From 9 PM - Milonga at Numero Dos
avec une démo d'impro de Nathalie et Marie Dominique / with an improvisation performance by Nathalie and Marie Dominique.
Dimanche / Sunday
- 11h - 12h30 / 11 AM to 12:30 AM Cours avec Marie Dominique et Anne / Workshop withMarie Dominique and Anne
Valse. Élan et rétention. Danser les valses lentes avec couleurs / Waltz. Impulsing and retaining energy. Giving colours to slow waltzes.
- A partir de 21h Milonga au Numero Dos / From 9 PM - Milonga at Numero Dos
Lundi / Monday
Rendez-vous dans la baie Ghajn Tuffieha / Meeting at Ghajn Tuffieha
Vous pourrez vous baigner et diner au restaurant / You can swim and have dinner at the restaurant.
20h30 - 23h30 / 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM - Milonga face à la mer / Milonga at the seaside
Mardi / Tuesday
- 19h30 - 21h / 7:30 PM to 9 PM - Cours Avec Marie Dominique et Anne / Workshop withMarie Dominique and Anne
La milonga - Le traspie et l'ancrage / Traspie milonga - Being grounded.
Danser les milongas, même rapides, sans courir / How to dance milongas, including fast ones without running.
- A partir de 21h Milonga au Numero Dos - Despedida / From 9 PM - Milonga at Numero Dos - Despedida

Aug 8, 2015

milonga 8th August

Milonga time again at Numero dos tonight at 9 pm
Everyone is welcome to come and dance.
Platters and drinks available to buy at the bar.
Milonga fee is 4 euros to be settled at the bar please.
If you are a visiting tanguero you are very welcome. Try to make your way there and for your trip back we will see if there would be anyone to give you a lift. Not a promise in stone but we do try.

Aug 1, 2015

1st August Milonga

I cannot wait for tonight's music, we have 3 fresh new DJ s working under the supervision of Dr Gordon Pace Flores...and that means? good music
We have DJ Dominic, DJMartin tal bottegin and Dj Claudio
So Milonga tonght at Numero Dos like usual.
We start 9 pm and finish at 12.30am
If you would like to nibble something there is a cheese platter and bigilla. also traditional ice cream
Milonga fee is 4 euros