Nathalie's tango scene


  • 8.00pm: Intermedios / Avanzados. With partners.

  • 7.00pm: All ladies Tangocise – exercise class with a Tango twist. Starting soon!
  • 8.00pm: Principiantes / Early Intermedios

  • 7.00pm: Primeros Pasos 1
  • 8.00pm: Primeros Pasos 2

  • 9.00pm: Milonga (milongas are held regularly but double-check with the calendar on the right)

Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone on 79287755.


Since 2 years of age Nathalie has never stopped dancing. She started out in the ballrooms of her father late at night when children where meant to be in bed. Continued in the music room where she was meant to be studying piano. Later on she studied some jazz dance, modern ballet, done a few cabaret shows, some animation in a club hotel, yoga for 9 years. Previously, Nathalie worked as a midwife, a massage therapist, she taught yoga for pregnant ladies, and once waterproofed a hotel swimming pool for cash.

Now, it is Tango with a passion. Nathalie fell in love with it when she first came across it by Eric Jeuressen and Charlotte Stuart, and she continued learning from Charlotte and Sinan Vural. Later, Buenos Aires was calling and Nathalie took as many classes from as many Maestros as one could possibly cram in a day. She made several trips like this to indulge for some 10 hours of tango a day, every day.

Nathalie loves dancing and is constantly working to improve herself as a dancer and as a teacher. Took teacher seminars in Holland at El Corte with Eric . She is obsessed with good technique, beautiful footwork and musicality. She has worked as an assistant in tango classes for 5 years . She has now been teaching her own students since 2007 watching them evolve from beginners to intermediate students that are able to adapt to any style. She is one of the major creators of the tango community in Malta. She now also gives tango seminars abroad,

She is currently running a Tango place of her own, Numero Dos. Classes, workshops, milongas, practicas and other tango and some non tango events happen from there.

Her philosophy Tango is a conversation through movement. She believes strongly in the connection between the couple and improvisation. She detests pushing and pulling or anything which is forceful. She strives to open the creativity of her students and help them to evolve uniquely to their own capabilities. Holds high the respect towards other dancers on the dance floor and believes that the Milonga ethics should be observed religiously.

Nathalie recently turned blond/purple/orange ...,recently adopted a 2nd dog, and is in love with tango.
She has a love for nature and trekking,especialy the coasts of Malta and Gozo and the odd mountain here and there.

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