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MONDAYS: 8pm Intermedios/Avanzados (with partner)

TUESDAYS: 7.30pm Primeros Pasos/Principiantes. ONGOING BASIC LEVEL, you may join whenever you want.

WEDNESDAY: 6.30pm Yoga with Sara Jager

SATURDAYS: 9pm MILONGA until 12.30am.
the first milonga of the month has always some extra nuevo/experimental stuff (30%)

OTHER DAYS: Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone her on 79287755

Apr 13, 2008

Tango at Sunset

Date: Sunday 20th April
Time: 6pm onwards

A relaxed evening by the sea with lots of interesting Tango music amongst friends. Come casually dressed (even straight from your Sunday walk) and enjoy the end of the day by the sea, bring a mat or cushion to sit on, otherwise dance all evening. If you get some drink (and your own food) it would go down well.
Tea coffee cake and Tango on the house.
Love to see you all.
nat gor clau ed


  1. Giulia&Taico30 April, 2008

    Dear Tangueros de Malta!!!!
    It has been a joy for us to take part of your fantastic milonga, where you couldn't ask for anything else, seaside, sunset, delicious chocolate cake (Taico was very happy!!), drinks (W Cisk, hehe!!), and most of all you, charming marvellous tangueros de Malta!!!It has been a pleasure to dance with you and spend the evening together, you made us feel as at home!I hope you will continue your adventure and will capture the attention of the island. Please remember you have two friends in Venezia who shall be pleased to help you if you decide to visit our country and invite you from now to dance in our milongas!!
    Thanks especially to Claudia who arranged the meeting with us and kept us informed, Nathalie who weel teaches her students, aldo who brings his international learnings to Malta, Enrico for planning Milonga in his "house"...and everybodyelse who I can't remeber the name!!Love you all and whish you the best!!