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MONDAYS: 8.00pm Primeros Pasos / Principiantes
TUESDAYS: 8.30pm Intermedios / Avanzados

SATURDAYS: Milonga every two weeks with fixed couples. Bar available for singles too.

OTHER DAYS: Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone on 79287755

Apr 20, 2011

Saturday Party invitation

Time to party ;))

Thursday Milonga as you all know is off due to the religious activities BUT we can party at mine 69 St Paul's street Rabat on SATurday 9.30pm

8.00 - 9.30 assisted practica. You may put 3 euros for practica in the tea pot if you feel like, and then we party after.

You may just come for the party ;)) 9.30pm (tango music will be on)

I am inviting all the tango people so i do not really know who is coming, therefore if you think you will get hungry or thirsty might be a good idea to get something with you. Otherwise the usual drill is that you help yourself to drink , the kitchen, fridge, cooker, hugs and kisses from Nina. Please do not overfeed her, she is intollerant to some foods. Also since you all know how noisy she is do not ring the door bell just come up the stairs and ignore her loud barking.

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