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  • 8.00pm: Intermedios / Avanzados. With partners.

  • 7.00pm: All ladies Tangocise – exercise class with a Tango twist. Starting soon!
  • 8.00pm: Principiantes / Early Intermedios

  • 7.00pm: Primeros Pasos 1
  • 8.00pm: Primeros Pasos 2

  • 9.00pm: Milonga (milongas are held regularly but double-check with the calendar on the right)

Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone on 79287755.

Mar 13, 2012

at the minute with Nathalie' tango

Starting off from today TUE 13th March Primeros Pasos at 7.30 - 9.00 pm at St Augustine Hall, Triq il Kbira, Rabat near Grima petrol station. It is the first lesson and i am looking forward. My voice today is not ok but we will manage somehow :) we shall meet a little earlier.

9pm- 10.30pm Post Primeros Pasos. You may attend both classes today if you wish to refine and stabilise yourself with the basics as well as continue. Discount Class cards are your best option of payment.

Any Sunday people may transfer themselves to Rabat to join the above. ..and if you are very keen i will not stop you from attending everything. I am a tango addict myself, i understsand! .Discount Class cards are your best option here too.

I am NOT holding a milonga tomorrow WED. So there is NO practice session at 8.30 as usual. Due to a MATA function.

Sunday there is Primeros Pasos at 6.30pm (3rd lesson) and Post Primeros Pasos at 8.00pm. Valletta (These are fully booked)

Unfortunately due to the feast this Monday class (beg/intermediate) 19th March is not happening due to the festa and parking problem + procession in front of St Aug.
I like the midday march if someone want s to drop by my house.1ish perhaps. Better if you send sms before.

After that,  BACK TO NORMAL!! yipee :)

GISELA Y GUSTAVO workshop bookings and payments are open

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