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  • 8.00pm: Intermedios / Avanzados. With partners.

  • 7.00pm: All ladies Tangocise – exercise class with a Tango twist. Starting soon!
  • 8.00pm: Principiantes / Early Intermedios

  • 7.00pm: Primeros Pasos 1
  • 8.00pm: Primeros Pasos 2

  • 9.00pm: Milonga (milongas are held regularly but double-check with the calendar on the right)

Nathalie is available by appointment for individual or small group private lessons of all levels, and for wedding dance preparation. Write to or phone on 79287755.

May 25, 2009

Intermediate Tango Course June 2009 Cycle

The next batch of Intermediate lessons are being divided into two days / groups. Each group will consist of the same sessions:

The Gehwol Group:
Location: Professional Health & Beauty Import Ltd., 145/147, Eucharistic Congress Road, Mosta (supported by Gehwol, caring for your dancing feet)
Wed 3rd June 9pm
Wed 10th June 9pm
Wed 17th June 8pm
Wed 24th June 8pm

The Uni Group:
Location: University Common Room, Msida (supported by MUSC)
Tues 2nd June 9pm
Tues 9th June 9pm
Mon 15th June 9pm
Tues 23rd June 9pm

Information for both groups

Who may apply: Those who have recently been dancing on a regular basis AND have done beginners level 2 at least once, those who have been taking previous intermediate sessions or have done the equivalent in private sessions (if you are not sure if you are of the level to take the course you can ask us, and we will guide you accordingly).

For one group: 30 Euros for the 4 sessions
If you would like to attend both groups: 45 Euros for the 8 sessions 

How to apply: 

* Send us an email indicating your 1st preference group (Gehwol/Uni), but let us know if you can make it for all the dates in both groups.
* Tell us if you want to attend one group (30E) or both groups (45E)
* As always if you have a partner it is better, so let us know that too.
* We will try to balance out the two groups equally
* We might have to refuse bookings if there is a large unbalance in leaders/followers, or ask you to shift groups to achieve the best balance possible
* We will confirm bookings once we have an equal distribution between groups and leaders & followers

Important Note: If there are elements of Beginners Level 2 that you feel you have not yet mastered, we recommend that you re-take those sessions at half price (check out the other email sent out for details). Elements from Beginners 2 will be used extensively and obviously we will be assuming that you are fluent in their use, and we will not be re-explaining those elements. 

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